Leigh Madison

“I have been so inspired and healed by music, and I have a lot of stories to share that I hope might give back and do the same for others.”

I am an Oklahoma girl.

My Okie roots go deep, and are the foundation of my uncontrollable urge to help everyone I encounter. Oklahomans are infused and raised with that neighborly humanity. Many of our summers were spent with relatives in Georgia, which instilled even more good ole’ “southernness” in me and my brothers.

I grew up looking at the most beautiful sunsets in the big Oklahoma sky, and I loved laying on our driveway at night stargazing with my brothers and our Dad. Our home was filled with a lot of classic rock, jam bands that my brothers and I always followed, along with my parent’s eclectic record collection, which included some of the best folk and country music singers and songwriters. Of course, you weren’t a true Okie if you didn’t know every word to all the Garth Brooks songs!

My Mom says I was born singing. I helped her write and recorded songs for her many Christian Children’s albums, produced by Melody House Publishing Company. I was in a recording studio from ages 3-8 singing on her records. Singing was always like a meditation for me… it took me to another place. I remember, even as a young girl, feeling like my heart would shake and open as wide as our world when I would sing alone in my bedroom and on stage performing. I still feel like that today.

I have been blessed to be a singer, songwriter and performer my whole life. I have starred in the Broadway show, RENT, opposite the amazing Neil Patrick Harris, toured, busked on streets, sung on an international commercial, and all over clubs and venues across the US. I have experienced many wild adventures and life lessons. The peaks and valleys, the joys and pains. I have lived in my car, lived like a queen, and lived every way in between. I know the immense feelings of love, and I have picked up the pieces of my broken heart many times… all the best life experiences for writing country music. 

I have been so inspired and healed by music, and I have a lot of stories to share I hope might give back and do the same for others. Country music stands for everything I value and cherish in life: family, love, faith, tradition, friendships, community, speaking truth, staying grounded, being genuine, and having fun! When I listen to country music, I feel like I am home! When I get to sing country music and share my stories through it, I feel like I am living my passion and purpose.