About Leigh Madison

Country Artist, Leigh Madison, is a singer/songwriter from Oklahoma.  Leigh shares her life’s lessons, positive outlook, heartbreaks, and stories of how hard she has fought for love in her newly released LP, “The Good Ride”.
Leigh started writing songs when she was young, writing music for her mother’s Christian children’s records.  She was in a recording studio from ages 3-8, singing on her mother’s records.  Leigh has always been a songwriter and storyteller, stating she has endless material for Country Songs from all of her life experiences and relationships.  Leigh first fell in love with songwriting and storytelling from listening to & being inspired by Dolly Parton, John Denver, and of course, Garth Brooks, the King of Oklahoma. 
As a singer, Leigh starred opposite Neil Patrick Harris in the Broadway Show RENT,  belting soulful rock & touring with the show for years.  She was the singer for the first international McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” campaign, busked on Venice Beach while livin’ in her car, has sung her original music up and down clubs on Sunset Blvd, the West Coast and her beloved Heartland of America, and is currently hitting the regional scene playing acoustic gigs… and loving every minute and mile of it!
“I have been so inspired and healed by music, and I have a lot of stories to share I hope might give back and do the same for others. Country music stands for everything I value and cherish in life: family, love, faith, tradition, friendships, community, speaking truth, staying grounded, being genuine, and having fun! When I listen to country music, I feel like I am home. When I get to sing country music and share my stories through it, I feel like I am living my passion and purpose”.
~Leigh Madison